Vita Mariae

vita mariae3

The cult of the Virgin Mary is a central phenomenon of the Christian liturgical year and catholic spirituality.

From very early, the Mother of Christ filled the role of merciful intermediary in relationship between a worshipper and God, and this relationship reflects into many feasts, liturgy but also everyday customs. The cult of the Virgin formed the face of folk devotion and imagination, it took a part in the aesthetisation of the baroque landscape and imprinted a new dimension into perceptions of nature, public space as well privacy. Mary is an archetype of the mother-martyr, and in the Christian world she is a female element, absent in other churches, but also an aspect of most of the ancient world religions.

This programme is appropriate for any Marian feast occasion during the year. It leads the listener through life of Virgin Mary: Mary’s birth, Annunciation, the birth of Jesus, lamentation over the dead Christ, death of the Virgin Mary and Assumption.

3-4 musicians: voice, viola da gamba, organ/harpsichord/theorbo

Music: Barbara Strozzi, Claudio Monteverdi, Francesco Puliti, Girolamo Frescobaldi