Mirail de prez / Merit’s Mirror

Ensemble MOTUS HARMONICUS explores the lingua materna and women’s voices from history, reconstructing songs of the trobairitz (female troubadours). Centering on women’s song primarily from the 12th-13th century Occitania – an area containing parts of modern-day France, Italy, and Spain – this new program is a historical celebration of women’s speech, and of those remarkable figures whose names and voices did survive the ages. Lyrics by Azalais de Porcairagues, Lombarda, Clara d’Anduza, and others.

Time Stands Still …

Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586) left an immense legacy not only to history, but also to literature, philosophy, and music. His travels on diplomatic missions took him throughout Europe, as far east as Poland and as far south as Florence. Living at the heart of cultural and religious changes that characterised 16th century Europe, he witnessed the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in Paris, met with numerous important intellectuals and politicians including Emperor Rudolph II and his circle in Prague, and lost his life at the Battle of Zutphen in the Netherlands.