Samuel Capricornus: Zwey Lieder Von dem Leyden und Tode Jesu

Capricornus_portrétSamuel Capricornus (1628 – 1665) was born in Žerčice at Mladá Boleslav (East Bohemia). He was one of the few Czech composers in the 17th century who were a major influence on European contemporaneous music culture. This ambitious composer earned in his short life (he died when only 37 years old) acknowledgement from such contemporaries as Heinrich Schütz and Giacomo Carissimi. He was active around the court in Vienna, and worked for a few years as a music director in the prominent churches of Presburg (today Bratislava, Slovakia) and finally fulfilled his career at the court of Elector in Stuttgart, as maestro di capella. Despite the fact that most of his work has not survived (his theatre music, ballets and operas are lost), a number of archives preserve his church music. Zwey Lieder Von dem Leyden und Tode Jesu is a collection of six cantatas, published around 1660. Its subject is the martyrdom of Christ, used for Easter Week.

The Czech premiere of the works was performed by Motus Harmonicus in 2014 during the festival Musica figurata in Želiv and recorded by the Czech Radio.

10 Musicians: 2 canti, 2 violini, 3 violae da gamba, basso continuo (theorbo, organo, violone).