Project name:

Le Flambeau du Monde

Project description:

Aivasovsky_Ivan_Constantinovich_View_Of_The_Ayu_Dag_Crimea-flambeauThe contrast between light and shadow is considered a central principal of baroque art. The programme “Le Flambeau du Monde” – “The Torch of the World” will take us to France between the Thirty Years War and time of the glamour of the royal court at the end of the 17th century. Between candleflame and the shadow of a heavy curtain,  the poetry of the time leads us on a reflective journey through contemplation of the world, life and love.

Programme for 4-5 players: Canto, 2 violae da gamba, basso continuo.
Music: Charles Tessier, Michel Lambert, Marin Marais, Mr de Sainte-Colombe, and others.